Floss Brite Personal Dental Flosser

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Floss Brite Personal Dental Flosser

Flossbrite personal flosser is the easiest hand held flosser to use. It has high-tech floss pre-loaded and ready to use. The floss coating contains wax and natural mint flavouring and glides through the gaps easily. Gently slide the floss between your teeth, wrapping the floss around each side of the tooth, while at the same time moving the floss up and down, hugging the curve of each tooth. Advance the floss as needed. Establish a regular routine to floss all teeth daily. Fun for all ages, this unique flosser is a huge seller in the USA, now available in the UK. Flossbrite flosser is an innovative and unique way to floss your teeth, and possibly the easiest. No more fiddling with rolled floss or floss picks, this is the easiest and best way to floss. This hand held flossing method lets you access those really hard to reach places, manufactured using shred resistant floss that slides between tight teeth, it will give you first class oral hygiene. The floss is pre-loaded and ready to use, it is designed like a toothbrush and is as easy to use. After a flossing session simply wind on the floss ready for the next flossing, one flosser can last for months. To summarise, it is a unique easy to use, safe and comfortable way to fight plaque and gum disease.


Floss Coating Contains Wax and Natural Mint Flavoring.


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